Contractor Check List

As a new contractor with Kowalski Recruitment, you will receive a "temp pack" in the mail, which contains all of the paperwork you need complete on commencement of your employment.
In order to comply with the taxation and legal obligations of your employment, please take note of the following points:

Terms and Conditions Employment Contract

Read this form, sign it and return to Kowalski Recruitment

Payroll Details Form

Complete and return to Kowalski Recruitment

Super Choice Form

If you wish for your superannuation to be paid into a current superannuation fund you have an account with, please complete Part B of the Super Choice Form.

STA Member Application Form

If you are joining STA, read the STA Member Information, complete the Membership Application form, and return the form to Kowalski Recruitment. Additional information can be obtained from STA's website,

Tax File Number Declaration

Complete Section A of the Tax File Number Declaration, and return the entire form to Kowalski Recruitment.

E-timesheet CD

Use your e-timesheet CD to record hour worked in your contract position. This needs to be authorized by your supervisor and sent to Kowalski Recruitment on "timesheet day".